Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

Welcome to Evergreen Community Church

Visiting someplace for the first time can be stressful and perhaps even awkward. We know that feeling, too!! So we are very intentional at breaking down those barriers so you can feed your soul and your faith while meeting some really authentic people!!

What Time and Where Is the Service?

We have one morning service starting at 10:30 am, and it goes until about 11:45. We meet at the Manassas Boys & Girls’ Club, 9501 Dean Park Lane, Manassas, VA (you can follow the link below for directions). We also offer an online option via Facebook or on our website. Pick what’s best for you!!

Where Do I Park?

There is plenty of parking right in front of the Club so grab your favorite spot. The entrance is on the left side of the building … just look for the covered canopy :)!

What Are Your Services Like?

Inspiring. Dynamic. Authentic. Relevant. Casual. Sacred. Contemporary. Biblically-centered. Certainly NOT stuffy or stilted. You’ll want to sing and worship with the band, dig into Scriptures as we teach, live out your faith as we share our stories, connect with others as you see them on-line or in person.

We’ve also added sound COVID-protocols e.g., masks (now optional per the latest guidelines) and plenty of hand sanitizer :).

What Do You Have For My Kids?

Typically, Evergreen Family Ministries (EFM) offers a wide range of classes and programs for kids from Nursery through 6th grade. COVID restrictions, however, have caused us to change what we can offer for a season. We are currently working on a reopening kids’ ministry plan that should be launched in September 2021.

For now, there is a nursery for babies and toddlers nearby. The Junior and Senior High Fusion group is still active on Zoom and in-person. Please contact us for on-going updates or to ask any questions! Your child’s safety is our priority!

What Do You Believe?

This is a GREAT question! And we are convinced that WHAT a person believes about truth and faith has a HUGE affect on how they live their life. So, we have a whole page dedicated to answering the question about Evergreen beliefs! Click below.