Outreach Opportunities

We strongly believe God wants to use Evergreen to reach our local community and even the world. We call this area of focus “Growing Wider in Influence”. Here are a few of the ways we have used to reach our community:

Feeding the Hungry in our community. This spring we sponsored our first Fresh Food Giveaway and asked people how we could pray for them as they came through the line, and we also took boxes of food out into surrounding neighborhoods to reach those that didn’t know or couldn’t drive to us. There are many stories of God at work and we look forward to doing this again!

Covid Outreach Evergreen had a mission to serve our local community during the particularly challenging season of the COVID pandemic. This took many forms, from making masks to delivering meals, and to creating homemade apparel for local ministries/charities.

Community Events We periodically organize and sponsor community events such as summer Clubs (formerly at Colonial Village), Vacation Bible School, Family Fun Day, and 4th of July events in the Summer. We use these opportunities to get to know our neighbors and to invite our local community to experience God’s love and truths.

Mission Trips  Evergreen occasionally sends a team of adults and teens on a short term mission trip in Honduras with a sister church in Choluteca. Many of our trips directly support Casa Hogar or Great Commission Latin America missions, though recently one couple spend two weeks supporting a Great Commission team in Nepal.

Bread Patrol Evergreen members periodically go out into the community and deliver gifts of  bread to families that are new to our area. We want them to know we care about them, that we’d like to pray for them, and that we would love for them to come visit us.

Social Events We regularly schedule social activities to encourage reaching out to friends and neighbors: pick-up basketball, men’s breakfasts, girls nights out, men’s card club, and the Princess Ball!