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Day 47 (Easter Sunday, April 12), John 20:1-31

John 20:1-31

Context:  The Sabbath is over and Mary Magdalene (along with other women) travel to the tomb with burial spices.  When Mary discovers the tomb is empty, she runs back to Peter and John and tells them someone has taken the body!!  John outruns Peter to the tomb but waits at the entrance … Peter bolts in!!  They discover the empty burial cloths but, quite amazingly, the face cloth is laying separately and folded by itself!  Jesus has INDEED risen!  Mary meets Jesus in person after Peter and John leave the tomb … what a poignant and touching scene.  Jesus appears to Peter during the day, then to all 11 (except Thomas) the first night.  A week later on the next Sunday, Jesus has a powerful encounter with Thomas where he shows him his wounds in his hands and his side.  Thomas believes!!

Observations:  Why do you think the Lord allowed Mary Magdalene to be the first person to see him in his resurrected body?  The gospel of Luke records that on the first night’s appearance with the disciples, Jesus shares a meal.  Why do you think he did?  Why is it blessed to ‘see and believe’ but more blessed to ‘not see and believe’?

Application:  Celebrate Easter with your church family!!  Evergreen’s online service is on Facebook Live @ 10 a.m.  Celebrate it with your physical family!  Celebrate it with Jesus!

Prayer:  Lord, THANK YOU for your life, death, burial AND resurrection.  We adore you and lift you high!!!

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