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Day 42 (April 7), John 15:1-27

John 15:1-27

Context:   Jesus continues his teaching in the upper room by telling his disciples that he is the vine, they are the branches.  If they abide in Him, they bear much fruit.  If not, they remain fruitless and unable to impact others for His kingdom.  He also explains that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another … and that he is doing that for them and the whole world.  Jesus gives them the new truth that they are now his friends and that he will reveal to them all the Father has told him.  Finally, a reminder that if the world hates Jesus, they will hate and persecute the disciples, too.

Observations:   Jesus calls himself the ‘true vine.’  What are false or worthless vines?  Can we ‘look like’ we are a branch connected to the vine, but really not be in reality?  How are the ways Jesus showed his love to the disciples leading up to the crucifixion?  How revolutionary would it be for a Jew to hear that Jesus called them his friends?  Why is it so difficult for us to thrive during persecution?

Application:  Choose some way today to stay deeply connected to the vine, Jesus.  If friendship is built on trust, what can you do to demonstrate trust with Jesus?  As the Spirit prompts you, respond to it!

Prayer:  Lord, help us to ABIDE in you moment by moment.  Help us to bear MUCH fruit, fruit that remains and that it would bring you great GLORY!! Amen.

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