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Day 34 (March 30), John 11:38-44

John 11:38-44

Context:  In these verses we move from the dig and set-up, using a volleyball analogy, to the spike!!  Jesus is ‘deeply moved’ again as he comes to Lazarus’ tomb.  John uses the same Greek word as he did earlier in v. 33 … it means agitated, sternly and earnestly provoked.  He orders the stone rolled away and Martha is still not tracking the resurrection of Lazarus’ body.  After a prayer to the heavenly Father, and a loud command, Lazarus comes forth still bound with his burial cloths!!

Observations:   Why was Jesus so ‘deeply moved’ and ‘agitated’ upon his arrival on the scene and at the tomb?  Perhaps because of the pain and suffering, or just that death is the ultimate consequence of sin and the devil’s temptations.  Or something else?  Note Jesus’ reliance on the heavenly Father through prayer before giving his verbal command for Lazarus to ‘come forth.’  He then tells some in the crowd (presumably) to unbind Lazarus and let him go.’ … why is there no further detail on what follows next?

Application:  What ‘stone’ is God directing you to move?  Is there something he wants you to do/change that is counter-intuitive for you?  In this story there could have been an excuse: ‘By this time (four days) there will be an odor’ … but note they did not cave to it.  Jesus did not roll the stone either … so rid yourself of any excuses and go to work in the way God is prompting you!

Prayer:  Take some time today to ‘lift up your eyes to the Father’ just as Jesus did.  As you do, think of something you can boldly ask God for.  I recommend ‘boldly’ because raising a man from the dead was no ordinary or regular occurrence.     

Don’t ‘force it’ or ‘conjure it up’ … let the Holy Spirit bring it to mind.  Pray Evergreen not only ‘survives’ the COVID-19 pandemic, but actually THRIVES through it and becomes stronger, healthier and more effective in the gospel and kingdom.

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