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Day 2 (February 27), John 1:19-28

Context:  The Old Testament prophesied there would be a ‘messenger’ or ‘forerunner’ to the advent of the Messiah.  One of the most poignant passages is found in Isaiah 40:1-6.  As we proceed deeper into John Chapter 1,  John the Baptist is being questions by the priests and Levites from Jerusalem whether he is the Christ, Elijah and the great Prophet.  He claims he is none of them and then quotes from Isaiah 40 identifying himself as the ‘voice crying out in the wilderness’ to prepare the way for the Lord.

Observations:  Why do you think the priests and Levites travelled all the way from Jerusalem to question John the Baptist?  People were coming to him from all over Israel and he was calling them to repentance.  Why is that critical and necessary for ‘preparing the way of the Lord.’?  What do John’s statements about the Messiah indicate about his faith and humility?

Application:  Read Isaiah 40:1-5 and Hosea 10:12.  What ‘turning of the mind and heart’ (repentance) is the Lord prompting you to have in order to see Christ more alive in your life?  Why is repentance similar to plowing the fallow ground?  What is the fruit (result) of genuine repentance?

Prayer:  Ask God for His help to both see the change(s) you need to make and the power to see it through to fruition.  Pray that others in our Body would experience the same kind of Spirit-led conviction. 

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