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Mar 22, 2020

Thrive! Part 1

Thrive! Part 1

Speaker: Dave Blum

Series: Thrive: Walking with Jesus During Uncertain Times

Category: Life of Christ

These are certainly UNCERTAIN times, are they not?!  Everyone is making HUGE and unprecedented adjustments and probably feeling out of control.  Enter Jesus.  He walked during uncertain times himself, fleeing to Egypt with his family in the middle of the night just to survive.  His father most likely passed away when he was a teenager or young man.  His own cousin, John the Baptist, was imprisoned and then beheaded for heralding his arrival.  He was a hunted man throughout his public ministry.  He was chastised for healing on the Sabbath and even his own brothers thought he was delusional.  The tipping point came when he raised his best friend, Lazarus, from the dead.  Join us as we press deep into his life, teachings and, yes, his personality in ways that will help us not just during a pandemic, but throughout the rest of our lives.  See you Sunday @ 10 a.m. on Facebook live.  Just go to