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May 17, 2020

How Long?

How Long?

Passage: Psalms 79:9-10

Speaker: Dave Blum

Category: Hope

No doubt you have asked (or been asked) that question recently!! How long before Phase 1 actually begins? How long before it is safe to travel? How long before I get my stimulus check or when my favorite establishment or activity reopens?!! Of course, you are not alone as we ALL navigate through the pandemic and it’s ever-changing variables. But you are NOT alone biblically, either! The Psalmists and the Israelites often asked ‘How Long’ questions. Often they did not get a direct ‘timetable’ answer, but they ALWAYS received assurance from the Lord that He WAS present and working all things together for good in their lives. We do well to learn from their experiences, so we invite you to join us this Sunday as we dig deeper into THEIR story of faith and trust so it can become OUR story, too!