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You should have seen the look on her face....

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You should have seen the look on her face!!!  When I delivered our $4,500 Boys & Girls Club Summer Scholarship check and donation to the Club Director, Debbie Colston, she was, well:  kind of stunned, surprised, in disbelief, overjoyed, happy, elated … and grateful!!! So much so she allowed me to take a picture of her with several of the Summer Camp students who are and will be receiving the benefit of Evergreen’s generosity. 

When we first contacted the Club, we indicated our goal of somewhere between $1,600 and $2,000.  That’s what she WAS expecting!!  And now you know that our church blew that goal out of the water!!  What a testimony to the Lord and a reflection of your heart.  Let’s pray that it has many ripple effects and opens the doors to minister in increasing ways for Christ and the gospel.  Thank You to ALL who contributed!!

Pastor Dave

P.S.  Debbie is new as the director of the Manassas Club.  She only had a week to prepare for the Camp, so your generosity and giving helped Debbie herself in a HUGE way!!!  Thank you for helping build such a strong and good partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and its leadership.

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