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Reopening Team Update 07/19/20

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ECC’s Reopening Team is formed and working hard to get things figured out for our Sunday gatherings!  Our goal is to start those Sunday gatherings between August 9 – September 6.  We have 10 subteams with volunteers who are rolling up their sleeves, getting information, generating ideas and formulating a plan.  Here they are along with the coordinator.  If interested in helping contact them!

    • Worship/Music:  Alec Millar
    • Crew .. Set-up/Tear-Down:  Randy Allison
    • Physical Facilities/Sanitation:  Doug Carpenter
    • Welcome and Greeting: Dan and Kristin Hall
    • COVID/CDC/Virginia guidelines:  Rob Morrow
    • Best Practices of other churches:  Vanessa Blum
    • Evergreen Family Ministry:  Brad Birkhimer
    • Service Content: Duncan Ferguson
    • LiveStream:  Rob Hale
    • Social Media:  The Team


Doug Carpenter, Brad Birkhimer and Duncan Ferguson are helping coordinate all these teams and ideas and facilitating discussions with Evergreen Pastors to assure a smooth and incremental transition.  Stay tuned and praying!!

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