Youth Games

These are a few of our favorite games...

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Nertz is a card game played with individuals or teams of two (or both at the same time). Game play is like high speed team solitary on steroids! Each team/player has a full deck of cards with distinctively different colored backs (to differentiate from the other teams) separated into three stacks at game start: 1) a "Nertz" stack consisting of 13 cards, 11 face down and 2 face up in hand or on the table next to the Nertz stack, 2) 4 face up cards in the play area immediately in front of the player, and 3) the rest of the cards (seed deck) to be drawn from, three at a time like solitary.

As play starts, players place cards from either their Nertz stack or the seed deck either in their play area from high cards to low in alternating colors (like solitary) or into the community play area (central to the combined play area) which builds from Aces and stays in suit, also like solitary.

When a player exhausts their Nertz stack, they loudly and triumphantly declare "Nertz!" and the game ends. Players count -2 points for each remaining Nertz card in their decks and +1 point for each card they were able to place into the community play area.

Here is a video of Nertz in action!


Ninja is a large group game able to accommodate a virtually unlimited number of players (Ninjas). All Ninjas create a big circle with about arms length distance between each Ninja. The goal is to be the last Ninja standing. Each Ninja takes a turn trying to slap the hand of an adjacent Ninja (on either side) with a quick, decisive move. If the defending Ninja is fast enough and moves their hand out of harm's way, play moves automatically (and immediately) to the next Ninja. If a Ninja's hand is tagged, they are out, and play continues until there is only one victorious Ninja.

Poison ("Chewbacca Can Can")

Poison is a large group game for any number of players. All players circle up and join hands with some (preferably soft but good sized object like a padded chair or bean bag) in the middle. Upon start, players attempt to get other players to touch the center item while holding hands. If a player touches the center item, play stops and the player is out. If players lose hold of hands, those players are out. Play continues until there is only one person left.

Press Conference

Press Conference is a large group guessing/acting game. More description of this game to come!


Best Online Submitted Youth Games

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