Youth Ministry

We encourage our youth to be effective ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20) by developing Knowledge, Wisdom, and Character in the pursuit of sharing their faith and inviting others to various youth activities to expose them to the gospel of Truth
(John 14:6).

Fusion Youth

Meetings and Bible Studies

We have several activities for 7th grade through senior high youths including regular group meetings at 7:30 pm the first three Wednesdays of the month.

The first Wednesday is a worship, games, and teaching service at the church which also incorporates the youth for their own praise and worship music.

The second Wednesday is to amplify and build on the previous week's topic. This forum is a little more intimate and helps cement the topic in an interactive forum, and we meet at a local home for this night.

For the third Wednesday, we break into boys and girls groups to foster transparency and going deeper. We use that night to delve into character based studies to reinforce what they are learning at home.

The fourth (and sometimes fifth) Wednesdays are off weeks, though we usually arrange some kind of combined social event to spend time together at.

Combined Youth and Young Adults Christmas Party:

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Favorite Youth Games


Major Annual Character and Maturity Building Events

"Momentum" Retreats

Evergreen and "HowEverOaksBurg" combined youth groups, Momentum Retreats

These weekend retreats are typically once in the fall and once in the spring and bring two other regional Great Commission Churches youth groups together at a site central to the regional churches and provides "Momentum" throughout the year between other major events.

These retreats also offer excellent opportunities for our young adults to grow by leading key components of the event and doing some teaching.

We gather for extended, dynamic praise and worship, great teaching on youth-relevant topics, and fulfilling fellowship, games, and food!



"Life Training"

In concert with the Southeast region, we join forces for a week-long, life-transforming period of training designed to bolster faith and equip the youth and young adults to confidently share the gospel. Set at University of North Carolina Wilmington, we have an engaged pace of teaching-style and hands-on learning, balanced by down time to reflect on the experience and enjoy time at the beach.

Similar to the Momentum Retreats, these events are largely led and organized by aspiring young adults who are given various levels of leadership responsibilities and experiences.




Faithwalkers is an annual Great Commission Churches conference in Asheville, NC from 12/29 through 1/2 of the New Year. We typically caravan in family vehicles on the way there and enjoy incredible worship, life-changing teaching, and practical seminars along with some fun times of fellowship and relaxation.

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