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Love That Lasts, Part 2: Brotherly Love

Feb 16

Valentine’s Day elicits many images and impressions of love. Some of them are beautiful, profound and even enduring. Others, however, are misshapen, twisted or inaccurate representations of the real thing. Jesus and the Scriptures have a LOT...


This Week's Message:
The Jesus You've Never Known

A Lenten Journey

Ash Wednesday, February 26  - Easter Sunday, April 12

Jesus of Nazareth is truly perplexing.  His audacious claims make him stand alone in history; indeed our very calendar is divided by his birth.  We celebrate holidays with Jesus in mind … but do we really KNOW him?!  Do we really take him seriously?  Or have we morphed Jesus into something tamer or perhaps more religious than he really is?

At Evergreen this Lenten season we’ll explore Jesus’ life, times and teachings in a new and refreshing way.  We’ll open our minds and hearts to both the answers he provides AND the questions he raises.  We’ll sift through the cultural clichés and religious fog to discover a Jesus who is fierce, bold, confounding and, yes, even playful!  So honest he’s disrupting and so compassionate he’s amazing.  And what we discover won’t keep us the same. 

Three things will guide us on this journey:  catalytic teaching on Sunday mornings, daily readings and reflections,  and coffeehouse conversations where we can raise questions and find insights together.  We invite you to join us!