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This Week's Message:
Walking with Jesus In Uncertain Times

These are certainly UNCERTAIN times with all of us making UNPRECEDENTED adjustments.  Enter Jesus.  He walked during uncertain times himself; fleeing to Egypt with his family as a toddler;  losing his father as a young man, misunderstood and misaligned for his teachings and miracles, a hunted man throughout his public ministry.  Yet he always viewed his circumstances as opportunities to trust his heavenly father and touch the lives of others.  Join us as we press deep into his life, teachings and, yes, his personality in ways that will help us not just during a pandemic, but throughout the rest of our lives.  See you Sunday @ 10 a.m. on Facebook live.  Just go to www.facebook.com/evergreen.org.

Part 2 – Opportunity. Sunday, March 29.  We’ll explore the remarkable story of Lazarus and how Jesus raised him from the dead in John chapter 11.  To Lazarus’ sisters (Martha and Mary) and his close friends and family his passing seemed like defeat and despair.  For Jesus it was an opportunity to display God’s glory and lead others to genuine faith, trust and joy.  We’ll help you see the divine opportunities that exist in our present coronavirus pandemic to experience God in a more real and tangible way and to strengthen your bonds of love with others.   


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